H-Tech Summit 2024

"Navigating the Future of AI," is H-Tech Valley's first concentrated symposium focusing on the practical facets of AI in the modern world

About the Event

A new ecosystem blending education and businesses in Seine-et-Marne.

In the wake of the digital revolution, Seine-et-Marne has become the cradle of H-Tech Valley, an innovation ecosystem that brings together the educational boldness of Ecole 89 and entrepreneurial dynamism.

At the heart of this synergy, the collaboration between education and businesses is redefined to shape talents perfectly aligned with the requirements of new technologies. The initiative of the Accelis Group outlines a horizon where market adaptability and innovative pedagogy come together to ensure unprecedented employability of graduates.


1 Avenue Joseph Froelicher,
Ferrières-en-Brie, France


15 March 2024

On the agenda

  • Welcome and registration
  • Introduction of the day
  • Presentation of H-Tech Valley
  • Building the future of the network
  • The future of technological adoption in France
  • Leveraging Technology and AI
  • Creativity to the Power of AI
  • AI and social challenges
  • Discussion Panel

Topics covered

At the heart of Seine-et-Marne, Ecole 89 stands out as the cornerstone of H-Tech Valley, an emerging innovation ecosystem. This institution of digital education is committed to preparing its students for the realities of a constantly evolving technological world. The programs offered, focused on Bachelor's and Master's degrees, are designed to provide professional certifications recognized by the RNCP, ensuring recognition and adaptability in the job market.

The innovative pedagogy of Ecole 89 is based on a deep immersion in cutting-edge technologies. This allows students not only to master current tools but also to develop critical thinking regarding the ethical and societal issues related to digital technology. Through its avant-garde approach, Ecole 89 becomes a driver of competence and innovation within H-Tech Valley.

H-Tech Valley, a unique ecosystem where technology resonates with humanity.

In a world where technological skills are evolving at lightning speed, market adaptability is fundamental. H-Tech Valley emerges as the missing link to ensure an effective education-to-employment transition. Students at Ecole 89 benefit from training that aligns with industrial needs, thanks to professional alternation, fostering successful and rapid professional integration.

The employability of graduates is at the heart of this ecosystem's concerns. By facilitating access to concrete experiences, students acquire not only theoretical knowledge but also the technological skills necessary to meet recruiters' expectations. H-Tech Valley thus cultivates a symbiosis between academic teaching and current economic imperatives.

The ambition of H-Tech Valley is not limited to education: it aspires to become a true incubator of businesses. It offers fertile ground for startups and established companies in search of innovation. Technological events, such as hackathons and conferences, catalyze creativity and collaboration among the various actors in the ecosystem.

This digital innovation hub aims to be the epicenter of discussions on the future of AI, welcoming renowned experts such as those from Meta and the HUB Institute. These cross-sector collaborations, supported by cutting-edge infrastructure, promise to propel Seine-et-Marne to the forefront of new technology references.

Visionary Khalil Khater, founder of the Accelis Group, orchestrated the birth of this technopole with a commitment to educational excellence and sustainable development. His group, with its diverse entities, positions itself as a leader in creating enriching user experiences, both in education and in hospitality or innovation.

H-Tech Valley embodies this quest for harmony between technological progress and human values. The Accelis group sees it as an opportunity to instill in its students and partners a holistic vision where digital technology serves the collective interest. It is within this framework that Khalil Khater's ambitious project is situated, outlining the contours of a society where technology and humanity advance together.

The speakers

CEO - Groupe Accelis
CEO - H-Tech Valley
Directeur Général - Ecole 89
Meta Paris
Alexis SEMDA
Ralph AOUN
Meta London
HUB Institue

H-Tech Valley in a Few Words

Founded by Khalil Khater, the Accelis Group has just given birth to H-Tech Valley, with Ecole 89, a digital higher education institution, as its cornerstone.

H-Tech Valley will be a space of 12,000m2, currently housing a school and in the future, technological companies, as well as an incubator. Regular events such as conferences, workshops, hackathons, exhibitions, or concerts will be organized to promote exchanges, meetings, and collaborations among the various actors of H-Tech Valley.

H-Tech Valley: An ecosystem dedicated to new technologies.

We have always aimed to create innovative solutions that address the needs and challenges of our time, while respecting the human and environmental values that drive us.
CEO - Groupe Accelis
In the field of new technologies, companies require immediately proficient resources to ensure their future technological advancements. H-Tech Valley aims to create a smooth transition from education to employment and to reduce the time required for graduates to become efficient and up-to-date resources on the latest technological innovations.
CEO - H-Tech Valley