Innovation and the Human of Tomorrow

The Human+ Lab, a pivotal part of the H-Tech Valley project, focuses on the e-Revolution , particularly the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impact on the future of humanity.


The Lab offers a unique public experience, showcasing the foundations and progression of AI. Features include Deep Learning and Machine Learning pathways, an autonomous driving simulator, AI art exhibits, and various interactive experiences and workshops focused on AI development and ethics. Regular events related to AI include conferences, hackathons, technological exhibitions, debates, networking meetings, open days, robotics competitions, and film/documentary screenings.

The Museum

The "Human+ Lab" within the H-Tech Valley project includes also a unique 1,500 m2 museum-like component that focuses on the history and future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and new technologies. This section of the lab is designed to be both educational and interactive, providing visitors with a comprehensive understanding of the evolution and impact of AI and related technologies. Key features of the museum section of the Human+ Lab include:

  • 01.

    Interactive Exhibits and Displays:
    These installations offer visitors hands-on experiences with AI technologies. They showcase the development of AI over the years, its current applications, and potential future advancements.

  • 02.

    Historical Timeline of AI and Technology:
    A detailed timeline highlights key milestones in the development of AI, including significant inventions, breakthroughs in machine learning, and notable figures who have contributed to the field.

  • 03.

    Workshops and Educational Programs:
    The museum hosts workshops and educational sessions that allow visitors, including students and the general public, to learn about various aspects of AI, such as how algorithms work, the basics of machine learning, and the ethical considerations surrounding AI.

  • 04.

    Immersive Experiences:
    Utilizing virtual and augmented reality technologies, the museum offers immersive experiences that let visitors explore virtual worlds powered by AI, understand how AI can augment human capabilities, and see firsthand the potential of AI in various industries.

  • 05.

    AI Art and Creative Expressions:
    This section of the museum showcases how AI is being used in creative fields, such as in generating art, music, and literature. It offers a perspective on the intersection of AI and human creativity.

  • 06.

    Discussion and Reflection Spaces:
    These areas are designed for visitors to reflect on the information they've encountered, engage in discussions about the implications of AI on society, and contemplate the future relationship between humans and technology.

  • 07.

    Regular Events and Activities:
    The museum regularly hosts events such as conferences, panel discussions, and screenings of films and documentaries related to AI and technology, fostering a community dialogue around these topics.

The museum part of the Human+ Lab serves as a bridge between the past, present, and future of AI, aiming to educate and inspire visitors about the possibilities and responsibilities that come with technological advancement. It's a space where the history of AI is celebrated, its present is explored, and its future is imagined, all while emphasizing the importance of ethical considerations and human-centered design in technological development.