Digital Factory

A Hub of Technological Expertise and Innovation

The Digital Factory, a key component of the H-Tech Valley project, is a 3000 m² facility that acts as a convergence point for practical application of digital knowledge. It is designed to be the heart of technological expertise, where theory meets practice, and where students and professionals can collaborate and innovate. This space is vital for transforming academic learning into real-world digital solutions.


Your IT Partner

TEKWIN is a prominent company based in the Digital Factory, playing a crucial role in the digital transformation of businesses. It specialises in several key areas:

  • 01.

    Cloud Infrastructure Solutions:
    TEKWIN offers state-of-the-art cloud services, helping businesses migrate to efficient and secure cloud environments.

  • 02.

    AI Transformation Advisory:
    The company provides expert guidance on integrating Artificial Intelligence into business operations, aiding companies in harnessing AI's potential to optimise processes and enhance decision-making.

  • 03.

    Cybersecurity Services:
    Recognising the importance of data security, TEKWIN offers comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to protect businesses from digital threats.

  • 04.

    Managed Service Provider:
    It delivers IT management services and develops Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions that incorporate Machine Learning, optimising business operations and offering innovative tools for companies.

TEKWIN's presence in the Digital Factory not only contributes to the digital transformation of client businesses but also creates a dynamic environment for our students and professionals to witness and engage with the latest in digital technology and enterprise solutions.

The Digital Factory plans to increase the number of hosting companies by creating and/or acquiring new companies.