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At H-Tech Valley, we merge innovative learning with real-world application, transforming academic concepts into practical enterprise experience to shape visionary professionals ready to excel in their future careers

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H-Tech Valley represents our commitment to nurturing the future by assembling academic institutions, startups, and established companies to form a synergistic community that encourages innovation, growth and technology.

Within this initiative, we've founded entities such as the Digital Factory, home an Service Providers, IT Infrastructure companies and SaaS initiatives; the Human+ Lab, with a focus on advanced AI research; and the Startup Farm, an incubator for spawning the next generation of tech enterprises.

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Tomorrow is shaped by today

"The more you can create that magic and that
atmosphere where people want to be at work,
the more innovation you'll get."

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet Inc.


H-Tech Summit 2024 🎉

The H-Tech Summit, which took place on March 15, was a resounding success, marking an important milestone in addressing current challenges. Participants were able to exchange constructive ideas and reach mutually beneficial agreements.

Thanks to open dialogue and effective collaboration, innovative solutions were proposed to address priority issues.

Most Asked Questions

H-Tech Valley is an innovative initiative launched by the group Accelis, designed to bridge the gap between educational institutions and businesses, particularly in the technology sector. It represents a strategic effort to create an ecosystem where businesses and higher education hubs coexist in the same space. This ecosystem aims to foster a more direct and productive collaboration between the academic and corporate worlds.

H-Tech Valley aims to address the disconnect between the pace and demands of the technology industry and the traditional timeline and readiness of graduates from educational institutions. This problem arises because educational institutions often require around three years to prepare students for the workforce, yet these graduates may not be immediately ready to perform in the rapidly evolving tech sector. Businesses, especially in technology, need workforce-ready resources immediately to keep up with fast-paced developments.

To solve this issue, H-Tech Valley is establishing an ecosystem that brings together businesses and higher educational institutions in the same space. By doing so, it ensures that businesses have a direct contribution to the educational programs, aligning them more closely with real-world needs and trends. Students benefit from gaining real-life work experience within their campus, making them more prepared and adaptable for immediate entry into the tech industry upon graduation. This approach not only bridges the gap between education and employment in the tech sector but also accelerates the process of preparing students to meet industry demands more effectively.

H-Tech Valley will undertake a variety of activities, like: Internship Programs, Joint Research and Development Projects, Industry-Specific Workshops and Seminars, Curriculum Co-creation, Startup Incubation and Support, Career Services and Job Placement Programs, Live Projects and Competitions, Exchange Programs, Continuous Learning and Professional Development.